Tips To Get Rid of Calluses From the Hands

Oftentimes, calluses are seen on the feet. Having one is truly irritating and sometimes painful. When calluses formed on the hands, it can be quite upsetting. This can greatly affect any laborer who made use of their hands to earn money such as workers at the factories, chefs, musicians, programmers and the like. Knowing that most pressure of the job is on the hands, calluses may be inevitable. This is why further care for the hands is necessary.

Tips To Get Rid of Calluses From the Hands

Many people rely on using pumice stones to get rid of calluses. This method is not advisable knowing that extra care should be given to remove calluses.

A couple of considerations are needed in terms of removing calluses on the hands and fingers. This consists of making sure that infection risk is high when the calluses are carelessly managed. This is the reason why hard items like scrappers and stones are highly discouraged for use. Only professionals should make use of such instruments when required.

Calluses on the hands may cause injury to the arms of other body parts when the hands unintentionally rub it. The hands must always be smooth and soft. Some tips can be done to remove calluses from the hands.

  • Use olive oil on the hands then cover it with gloves. Cloth gloves are recommended to ensure that only soft materials will touch the hands. Socks can also be a good alternative. The application should be done at night so it can stand there while you are sleeping.
    The use of olive oil is recommended because of its moisturizing properties. This can heal the dermis through deep nourishing. Likewise, the skin’s permeability will be improved.
  • The next day, the hands should feel softer. The application of olive oil can be made for a couple of nights until the calluses are gone.
  • Like what was mentioned earlier, hard instruments are not advisable for use. It could only lead to grow new calluses. Permanent dermis damage can also happen.
    As an alternative, lemon juice with sea salt can be used. This will work like a scrub. For extra thick areas of the hands, more lemon juice can be applied. Let it sit for one hour then made use of lukewarm water to rinse.
  • Mix rose water and cornstarch. In a cup of water, get a handful of rose petals and let it simmer to the extracts of rose petals. Then add one cup of cornstarch. Thoroughly mix the two ingredients to create a paste. Apply on the hands. This can help elastic structure improvement of the skin. Cornstarch can work to exfoliate and get rid of the callus.
  • Buy moisturizing cream with active ingredients of Manuka Honey, Phytessence Wakame and Cynergy TK. These ingredients works well in moisturizing your hands.
    Manuka Honey can quickly lubricate the skin because of its humectants properties. It can lock the moisture with the cells and tissues. Phytessence Wakame is required to help prevent any unusual hyaluronic acid loss due to the harmful effects of enzymes. The Cynergy TK came from sheep wool. It works well in replacing the collagen fibers that are damaged due to the skin damage.
  • Over the counter ointment creams, gels and electric callus removers. All these are available in most pharmacists or market. There are several brands to try and one will surely best work for your case.
  • With all the methods and tips to remove calluses from your hands, there will definitely be one that suit for your case. You may start with the natural methods. If it did not work, you can consult a health care provider to recommend other ways.