Natural and Safe Athletes Foot Treatment

There can be times when a hectic time at school or at work can be stressful. Often times, using shoes can sometimes make the feet sweat. This can lead to having an athletes foot – a fungi growth that is itchy. In regards to this matter, you can easily make natural athletes foot treatment on your home if you have one of the following items.

Natural and Safe Athletes Foot Treatment

People who have been very busy with school and work may get this complication due to the feet being damp. This can be due to some people sweating a lot. Make sure you also have remedies to keep feet warm and avoid having this problem.

You can use rubbing alcohol. The most potent type is ethyl alcohol. It is composed of a denaturized solution which contains concentrated ethanol which is the best way to combat the growth of fungi in the feet. Furthermore, it is an antiseptic that can be used to clean the feet. The recommended application is to mix a water and alcohol solution and soak the feet for several minutes to make the skin dry and cure athletes foot.

If you have onions in the kitchen, you can also use them as a natural athletes foot treatment. Union extract can be applied on the infected area. This can eliminate the fungi that are causing the underlying problem.

There is also the option of using Epson Salts. This method is also a natural one. You can prepare the solution along with warm water to kill the fungi in the feet. The process involves the ostomic balance of the water. It will absorb less water and the effect of pruning will take place because it will soften the skin. Epsom salts are also used in conjunction with antifungal medications due to its deeper penetration on the skin.

You can also use tea tree oil as another athletes foot treatment. It is widely used in all parts of the world to sufferers that want to be treated the natural way. The substance within tea tree oils has terpenoids that can have antiseptic effects and cure athletes foot for good.

Another method of treatment is using Sosa. This is widely used in Mexico in which it is scientifically called Solanum Chrusotrichum.

If you have baking soda in the house, you can treat your athletes foot easily. Sprinkle the substance on the affected area which in turn changes the pH value of the skin making it inhabitable by fungi.

When you still prefer natural methods, consider using Vinegar as your way to treat this problem. The spores on the affected foot can really be eliminated due to its natural properties.

The possible athletes foot treatment listed can always be available one solution to the other. If you have doubts of the signs of the disorder, you can consider patching them up easily with these tips. Just always remember that the best way to treat them is by prevention; always keep the feet dry to avoid catching this predicament.