Natural Health Medicine

When you hear of natural health medicine, the first thing that must come to your mind ought to be one of positive experiences. After all, it is one of the best alternatives there is to maintain well-being, treat diseases and prevent illnesses. And when you couple in the six principles of naturopathy, another name for the practice, you will definitely become one of thousands of converts to its benefits.


Do No Harm

For Latin fans, this is translated as Primum No Nocere. For naturopathy, the symptoms of illnesses are but expressions of the body’s attempts to heal itself of the toxins, germs and bacteria that have temporarily invaded and overpowered it.

The practitioner of natural health medicine will address the causes of the illness while simultaneously suppressing the symptoms. Indeed, you will be treated based on the synergy between your body’s natural healing processes and the natural remedies to be introduced to ensure that no harm is done to your body.

Respect Nature’s Healing Power

You must recognize and respect nature’s healing powers as well as its ability to establish and maintain general health. The role of the physician is simply to facilitate these processes, to remove the obstacles, and to aid in recovery, all without significantly altering nature as it heals your body.

Ultimately, your body will be healed of itself with a little help from the physician. No aggressive treatments, no sudden changes, and no harmful side effects.

Identification and Treatment of Cause

Your illnesses are caused on many levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These must be identified before treatment can begin simply because treating the symptoms alone will not make the illness go away. You will be treated on a holistic level, which is a far cry from the overly specialized approaches utilized by non-practitioners of naturopathy.

Holistic Healing

You will be treated on a holistic level, from your body to your mind to your soul. Indeed, many factors are considered in natural health medicine that spans your lifestyles, beliefs and daily habits! A harmony between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are targeted such that you will feel well again on all levels. Again, contrast that with specialized treatments that do not acknowledge the interconnectivity of the various aspects of your health.

Doctor as Teacher

In naturopathy, the doctor adopts an attitude of teaching, inspiring, empowering, and motivating the patients to take responsibility for their own health, to accept healthy changes to their lifestyles, and to understand the benefits of natural healing treatments. Your doctor will treat your relationship as one between equals in the maintenance of your good health, which cannot be felt with oftentimes condescending attitudes among medical doctors.

Prevention Is Best

For the practitioner and the patient, prevention of diseases is always the best option to maintain good health. With your equal relationship, you and your naturopathic doctor ought to be able to establish appropriate interventions to avoid health risks. These can range from healthy lifestyle changes to natural supplementation, all of which will be most beneficial to you.

Truly, the benefits of natural health medicine as founded on its six principles are sufficient reasons to look more closely at it. After all, when it comes to your health, nothing should be overlooked especially the natural methods for excellent overall health.