Athletes Foot Cure the Natural Way

The root cause of an athletes foot is due to a fungal infection. Many people are stricken by this problem. There are many naturals cures for it and can be easily performed at home, here are some athlete’s foot cure in a natural way. If you don’t want to go out of the house, you can consider these options if they are available on your storage or kitchen.


Onion extract can be used to treat the fungi that causing athlete’s foot. You can use an onion extract in the affected area. A 3 percent aqueous onion extract will do.

Another is tea tree oil as a natural way to treat fungal infections from the disorder. Tea tree oil contains elements called terpenoids that are believed to have an antiseptic effect. This also alleviates itching, as it has contribution to the histamine process and is a plus for athlete’s foot sufferers.

Sosa can also be used. Scientifically called Solanum Chrysotrichum, they are used in the remedy of athlete’s foot specifically in Mexico.

A very common remedy is rubbing alcohol. The best type to use is the denaturized alcohol solution that contains 100% concentrated ethanol which is also called ethyl alcohol. This is the easiest to find and the best antiseptic against fungi. With the natural application of ethyl alcohol after a shower can help removing the fungi on the surface of the skin. Another good method is to soak the feet in 3 parts of water and 7 parts of ethyl alcohol will let the skin dry and cure the underlying problem.

If there is no ethyl alcohol at hand, you can still use hydrogen peroxide instead but not having more potency compared to rubbing alcohol in terms of killing athlete’s foot fungi.

Epsom salts are another prepared solution for athlete’s foot cure, making a solution in warm water ha proven to be effective in killing fungi of athlete’s foot sufferers. It is believed to change osmotic balance within the water and less water is absorbed by the skin and in result, it has a pruning effect and softens the affected skin, this is used to make antifungal medications more effective and can penetrate the skin deeper.

Baking soda is also used in fighting fungi on the disorder. These are the easy athlete’s foot cure which can also be found on the house. You can apply the paste or just sprinkle it over the affected part; this will likely change the pH value of the skin and can fight to remove fungi on athlete’s foot.

Vinegar can also be another home remedy for early signs of an athlete’s foot. This is proved to be effective against spores of the disorder. There is nothing easier to find these remedy other than your kitchen.

With the best things that are mentioned above, nothing is better than using preventive measures to stop athlete’s foot. In the modern times, athlete’s foot cure can be easily found on simple items at home. But always be sure to keep the feet dry so you won’t even have to find cures for this problem.