What are Corns and Calluses?

In a human’s body, among the most used part would be the feet. Every day, a person walks several times in order to function normally. This is why, the feet needs to strive hard to carry not just the weight of a person but also the other things that the body carries from one place to another.

What are Corns and Calluses

Considering that the feet are typically exposed to numerous tons of force in a day, it also means that it is subjected to illnesses. This referred to various kinds of foot problems. Such problems are very common for all people. This is particularly apparent for the people with abnormal movement of the feet or those with poor posture. They tend to put uneven pressure on the feet. Because of that, the pressure is not evenly distributed to the feet yet is focused on some points. Such points can most experience wear and tear.

The very common is having corns and calluses. Such can be seen on the skin that appears as rough surfaces. Both can be painful and thus annoying to have. This occurred due to too much pressure that the skin tends to thicken.

A callus is the condition where you will feel a firm and diffuse part of thick skin. This can be seen on the most over used parts of the foot and occurs usually at the heel or the foot’s ball and at the toes side.

The development of calluses can be linked to improper shoe fitting, poor posture or flattened feet. After a while when calluses are left untreated, it can developed as corns. During this time, it could be very painful and the appearance would be cracked.

A corn appears circular or conical in shape that is also thick and localized in an area. It has two kinds, hard and soft corns. Hard corns can be seen at the toes’ end or top part. The sole part is also very likely to have the hard corns. The cause is abnormal pressure. On the other hand, soft corns can be seen in between the toes. It is due to unusual pressure to the foot.

Management of Corns and Calluses

The way to treat calluses is by using pumice stone. Cutting the dead skin may also be an alternative. But you feel that dealing with it on your own can be too risky or might pose greater danger for the feet, it would be recommended to seek professional help.

With regards to corns, it can most of the times be managed by making use of appropriate footwear and the use of cushioned pads. Like calluses, if the symptoms persist, never hesitate to obtain help from the experts. It is not ideal to buy over the counter medication as it can lead to damaging the healthy tissues surrounding the corn. This is linked to the acid found in the drug.

How to prevent it from happening

Just like what most people say, prevention is always better than to find cure. It can also be possible to prevent this kind of foot problems to occur. What you should do is to prevent the parts of the foot susceptible to form corns and calluses to be subjected to too much friction and pressure. This means that there is a need to eliminate the source.

You can try looking for more comfortable footwear especially if you will use the shoes every day. You may also considering adding cushioning pads. Adjusting activities like running and walking in order to let the feet rest can also be beneficial.

Some would find it expensive but treating the feet for a spa may also be a great preventive measures. This way, you can give some time off for the feet to relax from all the brisk activities. It can be done once each month. When you are feeling thrifty to save extra bucks, a home foot spa can be made. All you need is to buy foot spa treatment which is usually cheaper than going to the salon. After the home treatment, you can apply moisture locking lotion to make sure that the feet will remain soft. Another simple treat to give the feet is to apply petroleum jelly at night and wrap it with socks. This can ensure that you will have softer feet the next day.

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